Dr. Enrico Lugli, Cytometry Unit Manager and Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Translational Immunology at Humanitas.

Dr. Enrico Lugli, 'Every cell can make a difference'. Dr. Enrico Lugli, PhD is a renowned expert in Flow Cytometry. He is currently principal investigator and head of the Laboratory of Translational Immunology, which is located within the world-famous Humanitas Clinical and Research Centre, Italy. Dr Lugli's research specialism is the human Immunology System. His...

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Cyto of the extreme

The post-thymic activation and development of T cells involves a heterogeneous population of cells at different stages of differentiation, including naïve, stem cell memory, central memory, effector memory and terminal...

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With the BD FACSMelody™, flow cytometry is within your reach

The Cytohub

The benefits of flow cytometry are widely known throughout the scientific community. In particular, flow cytometry allows rapid sorting of cell samples and intricate analysis of those cells. Cell sorter...

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Measuring up to new single cell challenges with the Rhapsody™

News & Event

BD's new single-cell analyser Rhapsody™ is already generating news. The UK National Measurement Laboratory 's Molecular and Cell Biology team is talking about the exciting experiments planned for their new Rhapsody™ analyser....

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Are We On Your Wavelength?

The Cytohub

We just love Pantone's Colour of the Year, Ultraviolet (UV). Don't you ? We also happen to think that UV light is just as magical :

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May 2018
New Reagents

A legacy to be proud of

The Cytohub

1995 was a special year for science. The Reelin protein was discovered by Gabriella D’Arcangelo, the Hale-Bopp comet had its primary sighting and the first protease inhibitors were about to be approved by the FDA. And for BD, 1995 represents the inauguration of the FACSCalibur, a Flow Cytometer that launched an incredible 80,000 scientific publications […]

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How MAIT Cells Influence Our Immune Defence

Scientific Publication

Scientists already know that MAIT ( Mucosal-associated invariant T) cells defend us against invading bacteria and fungi. Recently, a team of UK-based researchers discovered how MAIT cells also perform another of their vital functions: orchestrating the activity of other important cells in the immune system, such as dendritic cells (DCs). As you will see, Flow […]

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Flow Cytometry: At The Frontier Of Biological Research

Scientific Publication

In the study of rare cell types, Flow Cytometry is proposed to overcome the limitations of ELISA. By providing both phenotyping and functional data in the same assay, Flow Cytometry is well suited for investigating rare cell populations, especially cytokine producing cell subsets in an heterogeneous sample. Combined with the flexibility of Optibuild reagents for panel design, BD’s FACSCelesta™ allows you to perform advanced analysis of rare cells such as DCs and Tregs.

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BD’s Hungarian Success

News & Event

BD recently expanded manufacturing and global supply operations, with the inauguration of the new RUO reagent manufacturing facility in Tatabánya, Hungary. Local scientists who attended the October 2017 Opening Celebrations were impressed by the well designed labs and the latest, high quality equipment. ‘The Quality Assurance Processes were impressive’ said Timea Berki MD, PhD . To a bright future – Egészségére !

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Creating New Experts In Flow Cytometry

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Did you know that with the right reagents your Flow Cytometry research can push boundaries? If the prospect of panel design is giving you second thoughts, remember this: BD’s panel design specialists are here to offer you an efficient, highly effective solution for your research needs. With our guidance, you can open up your future experiments to Flow Cytometry. So why not give it a go? Contact your local Customer Support Team today.

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News & Event

To know more about this event, click here !

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BD LSRFortessa™ Confirms Cancer Research Breakthrough

Scientific Publication

The development of a new strain of research mice (NSG-SGM3™) marks exciting progress in the fight against cancer. Researchers using a Special Order BD LSRFortessa™ X-20 Flow Cytometer confirmed that these mice support immune cells that are much closer to the human immune system than was previously possible.

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Cell Sorting and Biosafety: Protecting You and Your Research Samples

The Cytohub

Biosafety is the foundation of all biomedical laboratory work. As a Biosafety Officer/Principle Investigator, you must ensure compliance with all the relevant National Biosafety Regulations.

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