Dr. Enrico Lugli, cytometry unit manager and principal investigator of the laboratory of translational immunology at humanitas.

Dr. Enrico Lugli, 'Every cell can make a difference'. Dr. Enrico Lugli, PhD is a renowned expert in Flow Cytometry. He is currently principal investigator and head of the Laboratory of Translational Immunology, which is located within the world-famous Humanitas Clinical and Research Centre, Italy. Dr Lugli's research specialism is the human Immunology System. His...

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Wish to tackle more advanced problems in immunology than ever before? Find out the BD solution for high-dimensional flow cytometry

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BD OptiBuild™- Now delivered in three days*

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BD OptiBuild™, our range of assembled to order reagents, are now even more attractive. Our new factory in Europe can now deliver your order in three days. * Our customers...

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The BD FACSDuet™pre-analytical automation platform – BD industrial partner symposium at the ESCCA 2018

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The ESCCA 2018 provided an excellent opportunity for us to officially present the BD FACSDuet™pre-analytical automation platform. The BD FACSDuet™, when physically integrated with the BD FACSLyric™ flow cytometer, the...

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Breaking Boundaries

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Driving Deeper Discovery with High Parameter Flow Cytometry Over the past ten years, flow cytometry has advanced significantly. Cell surface phenotyping (with 4 or 8 markers) has evolved to allow much more complex multi-parameter cellular assessments that incorporate...

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January 2019
New Reagents

The BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet Dyes – The new colours for your science

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The BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet range of dyes enable the use of the UV laser for immunophenotyping. This allows spreading the markers over more lasers, thereby helping reduce spread issues in the experiment. The impact of these dyes, unique to BD, has been quite considerable. More and more flow cytometrists across the world are now […]

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The BD Horizon™ Guided Panel Solution (GPS) – The guidance you need to design your panel

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We all know how tricky designing a panel can be. Numerous factors like instrument configuration, fluorochrome brightness, spectral overlap, antigen density and coexpression, and reagent availability must be taken into consideration.  The updated BD Horizon™ GPS allows you to upload the data to create resolution impact matrix (RIM) for your instrument and issues alerts when […]

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Multicolor flow cytometry training at the BD European training centre in Belgium

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Multicolor flow cytometry experiments are tricky to perform – but not if one is trained by experts. The best practices for multicolour experiment design must be learned well for successful experimentation. So, what do you do if you are familiar with flow cytometry and the BD FACSDiva™ software, and wish to learn how to work […]

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Automated well gating and much more – The IndexSort Plugin

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The IndexSort plugin was designed to give researchers the ability to automatically gate wells from .fcs data generated using the BD FACSAriaIII™, the BD FACSAria Fusion™, the BD FACSMelody™, the BD Influx™ System™, and the BD FACSymphony™ S6 cell sorters. It automatically identifies the cell sorter, generates parameters corresponding to the X and Y axes […]

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Protein and mRNA expression in a single experiment – BD presents the AbSeq™ assay

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Protein and mRNA expression in the same run? Isn’t that science fiction? Not anymore! BD introduces AbSeq™, the multiomic option to analyze protein expression at the single cell level. AbSeq™ uses antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates (Ab-oligos) to detect cell surface proteins that can be added to mRNA sequencing. What’s more, BD AbSeq™ can be incorporated into the […]

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High-dimensional single cell analysis identifies stem-like cytotoxic CD8+ T cells infiltrating human tumors

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It is well known that CD8+ T cells infiltrating tumors are largely dysfunctional, but do a subset of them retain functionality? To find an answer, researchers from Dr Enrico Lugli’s Lab at the Humanitas Institute, Milan, analyzed CD8+ T cells from 53 lung cancer patients using high-dimensional flow cytometry. Dr.Lugli and his team were able […]

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Biosafety and the BD FACSAria™ Fusion

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The BD FACSAria™ Fusion cell sorter is a fully integrated biosafety and cell sorting solution, specially designed to provide the highest standard of biosafety. We have performed a series of tests to ensure that the bio-safety cabinet of the FACSAria™ Fusion cell sorter satisfies the most demanding biosafety standards. These tests meet the stringent European […]

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BD Accuri™, the new generation personal flow cytometer, may be small but it is making waves in the world of science

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