January 2019
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Driving Deeper Discovery with High Parameter Flow Cytometry Over the past ten years, flow cytometry has advanced significantly. Cell surface phenotyping (with 4 or 8 markers) has evolved to allow much more complex multi-parameter cellular assessments that incorporate signal transduction pathways (Phosflow), transcriptional nodes (eg. FoxP3, STAT) and peptide-loaded class restricted multimers. Collectively, these developments […]

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BD FACSymphony™ S6 shines in Prague

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BD’s flow cytometer FACSymphonyTM S6 was showcased during April’s CYTO 2018 in Prague. Visitors to our booth discovered how this high performance, flexible and reliable cell sorter benefits from our 45 years of experience in cutting-edge diagnostics. Compatible with BD FACSDivaTM software, it can be configured with up to 9 spatially separated lasers, with assays […]

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Measuring up to new single cell challenges with the Rhapsody™

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BD’s new single-cell analyser Rhapsody™ is already generating news. The UK National Measurement Laboratory ‘s Molecular and Cell Biology team is talking about the exciting experiments planned for their new Rhapsody™ analyser. Science Leader Alison Devonshire says, ‘This new technology will […] support our activities […],for example for stem cell based therapies or understanding the heterogeneity of […]

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BD’s hungarian success

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BD recently expanded manufacturing and global supply operations, with the inauguration of the new RUO reagent manufacturing facility in Tatabánya, Hungary. Local scientists who attended the October 2017 Opening Celebrations were impressed by the well designed labs and the latest, high quality equipment. ‘The Quality Assurance Processes were impressive’ said Timea Berki MD, PhD . To a bright future – Egészségére !

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BD Accuri™, the new generation personal flow cytometer, may be small but it is making waves in the world of science

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