Webinar – Standardized Flow Cytometry, a key analytical platform in cell therapy manufacturing

Thank you for attending our webinar: “Standardised flow cytometry, a key analytical platform in cell therapy manufacturing” during the Cell & Gene Therapy Digital Week event.

By Gert Boschman, Scientific affairs Director, Europe BD Biosciences.

Flow cytometry is a key component of cell-based product development and manufacturing. From research assays to process optimization and final QC, flow cytometry analytical assay integration can be challenging. Scaling up production in manufacturing requires analytical assays and platforms to be optimized for its setting, efficiently providing informative, consistent, and reproducible QC results.

During this session you discovered some solutions to help you

  • design flow cytometry assays that produce product and process understanding,
  • standardize routine flow cytometry operations through reagent design and system automation for consistent results and improved efficiency,
  • reliably transfer your cell characterization assays across multiple manufacturing sites and assure reproducible results across the world.

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