Revealing rare stem cells with single-cell analysis

Scientific Publication

New single-cell Multi-Omics techniques are being developed that can enable researchers to measure both mRNA and protein expression simultaneously in a single cell, revealing more information than historically used techniques. This new white paper reviews current single-cell techniques used in stem cell research and how Multi-Omics has the potential to reveal new sub-populations of stem […]

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A multi-omics approach to investigate the heterogeneity of memory T cells

Scientific Publication

The post-thymic activation and development of T cells involves a heterogeneous population of cells at different stages of differentiation, including naïve, stem cell memory, central memory, effector memory and terminal effector T cells. These different T-cell subsets are themselves highly heterogeneous, and their identification and characterization require not one or a few but, rather, a […]

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How MAIT cells influence our immune Defence

Scientific Publication

Scientists already know that MAIT ( Mucosal-associated invariant T) cells defend us against invading bacteria and fungi. Recently, a team of UK-based researchers discovered how MAIT cells also perform another of their vital functions: orchestrating the activity of other important cells in the immune system, such as dendritic cells (DCs). As you will see, Flow […]

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Flow cytometry: at the frontier of biological research

Scientific Publication

In the study of rare cell types, Flow Cytometry is proposed to overcome the limitations of ELISA. By providing both phenotyping and functional data in the same assay, Flow Cytometry is well suited for investigating rare cell populations, especially cytokine producing cell subsets in an heterogeneous sample. Combined with the flexibility of Optibuild reagents for panel design, BD’s FACSCelesta™ allows you to perform advanced analysis of rare cells such as DCs and Tregs.

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