Automated well gating and much more – The IndexSort Plugin

IndexSort Plugin

The IndexSort plugin was designed to give researchers the ability to automatically gate wells from .fcs data generated using the BD FACSAriaIII™, the BD FACSAria Fusion™, the BD FACSMelody™, the BD Influx™ System™, and the BD FACSymphony™ S6 cell sorters.
It automatically identifies the cell sorter, generates parameters corresponding to the X and Y axes of your plate, and returns gates for each row as well as sub-gates for each column of each row. Additionally, the plugin generates an illustration of the plate, displaying the number of cells per well, and also puts out data files with fluorescence intensity per cell and median fluorescence intensity per well. You can also use the color-mapping option to visualise the fluorescence intensity across the sorted plate.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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