The BD solution for high-dimensional flow cytometry

flow cytometry

Wish to tackle more advanced problems in immunology than ever before?

The BD high-parameter solution for high-dimensional flow cytometry is all set to give unprecedented power to your multicolor flow cytometry experiments. The BD solution includes the BD FACSymphony™ flow cytometer, BD Horizon™ Brilliant dyes and the FlowJo™ V10.5 data analysis software.

It features more colors and better dyes that minimize compensation and spreading, allowing you to design broad-lineage and deep phenotyping panels as well as optimize existing panels. You get the best, whether you wish to get better insights into cellular compositions with unknown targets, analyze multiple expression patterns on defined cell subsets, or screen new cell lineages. Download the infographic and check out the results we have obtained with the 27-color phenotyping panel.

Class I Laser Product. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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