BD Accuri™ flow cytometers

BD Accuri

Why small means big

The BD Accuri™ is a personal bench-top flow cytometer designed to make flow-cytometry easier and more accessible. But are you aware that this small machine has been doing very big things? A Google Scholar search reveals more than 15000 citations associated with BD Accuri™ and the numbers are still growing. Far from the madding crowd, the BD Accuri™ has been silently but surely making its presence felt in areas of research as diverse as immunology, cancer biology, stem-cell research and microbiology. The BD Accuri™ is proof that small can not only be efficient but can also make a big impact. Click the link below to read about the impactful work done by the small champion, BD Accuri™.

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Class 1 Laser Product. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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