Isolation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) made easy.

The efficient and quick isolation of lymphocytes (B-cells, T-cells, NK cells) and monocytes, both commonly called peripheral blood mononuclear cells or PBMCs, is extremely important for scientists and clinicians working in the field of immunology. Compared with the traditional ficoll-gradient method, BD Vacutainer™ CPT tubes offer great advantages by simplifying the process of PBMC isolation.  Unlike the traditional method, the use of BD Vacutainer™ CPT tubes does not require any prior reagent preparation and no additional steps are required. BD Vacutainer™ CPT tubes also make it easy to transport the samples once isolated.

Watch the video to learn about the advantages offered by BD Vacutainer™ CPT tubes over the traditional method of harvesting PBMCs.

<click on the video below>


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