Reagents to study B-cell and T-cell interactions

The interactions between B cells and T cells within the germinal centres of peripheral lymphoid organs are crucial for the selection of high affinity B cells and development of long-lived memory cells in the context of T-cell dependent immune responses.

Chemokine receptors play key roles in the homing, trafficking and retention of B cells and T cells in the lymphoid organs. Co-stimulatory and co-inhibitory receptors trigger a dynamic interplay of signalling and transcriptional activities that control cell activation and homeostasis.

We offer a wide range of antibodies for the multicolour flow-cytometric analysis of B cells and T cells. Explore a selection of cell surface markers, signalling components and transcription factors that are relevant for B-cell and T-cell interactions. Antibodies are available in a variety of colours, enabling flexibility through panel design.

Anti-CD185 (CXCR5)

Anti-CD184 (CXCR4)

Anti-Akt (pS473)


Anti-CD275 (ICOSL)

Anti-CD274 (PD-L1)


Anti-CD154 (CD40L)

Anti-CD279 (PD-1)

Anti-CD278 (ICOS)



Class I Laser Product. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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