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Learning panel design

Panel design is one of the most crucial parts of a flow-cytometry experiment. It involves the selection of the right combination of marker and fluorochrome for a given population of cells under study. A badly designed panel, comprising of improperly selected fluorochromes results in overlapping of emission spectra, leading to loss of resolution of cell populations. The choice of fluorochromes depends on a variety of factors like the antigen expression level, the emission and absorption wavelengths of the fluorochrome, the choice of the lasers and instrument settings, and the biology of the experiment. In addition to panel design, the quality of data obtained also depends crucially on the instrument set up.

It is very important for a beginner in flow cytometry to understand the principles of panel design and to be able to implement the knowledge gained correctly. While a lot of this can come through experimental trial and error, the knowledge of the basic principles of flow cytometry, lasers, fluorochromes, and panel design can help simplify the learning curve considerably. The best way to acquire such knowledge is to listen to experts in the field and learn from their experience.

A solid foundation

In the first of these webinars, ‘A Solid Foundation for Simpler and Smarter Panel Design’, Bob Balderas, VP Biological Sciences and VP Market Development, delves into the basics and guides beginners on steps as well as tips and tricks. This webinar aims to help users gain a solid chromatic foundation and increase their chances of designing a successful panel without countless iterations.

High-parameter flow cytometry

With the release of new high-parameter flow cytometers, we have experienced many new learnings in how to design our experiments, how to use new classes of fluorochromes, how to build complex panels, and how to analyze high-dimensional data sets.

In the second webinar, ‘Learnings and Advancements in High-Parameter Flow Cytometry’, Bob shares results from leading labs and experts in high-parameter flow cytometry, characterising and analysing cells modulating immune networks.

The webinars can be viewed here.

About the speaker

Bob Balderas has 40 years of leadership experience in both academia and the industry. As a Distinguished BD Fellow and the VP of Biological Sciences at BD, he is focused on accelerating the market adoption of new tools and technologies by the Life Science community. Bob has made numerous contributions within BD Biosciences, most recently being a biology and technology champion of the BD FACSymphony™ Platform.



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